Maurice Cooper stage named "Tajji" is known for his hot single, "You Can Call," and his collaboration with Subkonshus CEO Konshens, "My Time Now."  Tajji, who was born in Franklin Town East Kingston, Jamaica to single parent Marva Barett, broke musical barriers from an early age at Excelsior High School.  He was known to be a great song writer and could create music for any occasion; his teachers and peers soon became his motivation to continue to pursue music after school.

Growing in Franklin Town had many advantages for Tajji's career, dancehall legend Spragga Benz also resided in that community and for many he became their mentor.  In 2006, Tajji completed his first demo CD and presented it to Spragga Benz who in turn gave him connections to Arrows Recording Studio where he soon met I-Octane and the Red Square Rebel Nation.

While at Arrows Recording Studio, Tajji began to write more music, first of which was a collaborative song for I-Octane and Spragga Benz called, "Hurt Mi."  He then continued on to co-write songs with I-Octane ranging from singles such as I-Octane's, "Mama," "My Life" and "Lose A Friend."  In 2008, I-Octane then introduced Tajji to producer and engineer Ricardo "Red Bull" Reid of Global Studios Innovation who produced Tajji's first official single, "Top A Wi Game."  The single received great reviews and Tajji's career started to take flight with the help of the Red Square Rebel Nation.

In 2011, Tajji decided to take his career more serious by doing more songs.  In that year Tajji recorded up to 12 songs, some of which that were more successful including, "Ready Fi Mine" produced by Global Studios Innovations, "Fallin" produced by Clap 7 Music and Frenz 4 Real music and "So Wi Step" produced by Subkonshus Music.  Tajji soon hit number 1 on a music chart in Kenya with the single, "So Wi Step" after shooting a medley video with the Subkonshus Team.

After the great success of 2011, more producers began to approach Tajji and his drive to do music was stronger than ever.  He then released, "Dat Dem A Say" which was produced by Frenz 4 Real and Ricardo "Red Bull" Reid and soon after he shot another medley video with Subkonshus for his collaboration with Spragga Benz on the School Fee Riddim known as "World Wide."  Tajji's mother than had a stroke and during her recovery it prompted him to write the single, "Best Friend" which became his first official independent video by Stevie Fresh of RD Studios.  "Best Friend" spoke of his love for his mother and the sacrifices she made for him.

In late 2012, Tajji did another independent video for single, "All Out" which was a Mad Cobra Production; the video was shot by Dennie Brown and directed by VS Media Productions.  With the release of his new singles Tajji proceeded to drop his 1st mixtape "Ready For Mine Volume 1" which was a great success.  "The greatest thing to hear is my music on the airways and see my videos playing," Tajji shares, "I do music because of my mother, I saw her struggles and I promised never to make her struggle again."

In 2012, Tajji was approached by A&R Andre Gourzong; soon after the two collaborated and released "Anywhere Di Party Deh" produced by Gourzong Music.  The relationship between Tajji and Gourzong began there and Gourzong Music was made official management in December 2012.

In January 2013, Tajji collaborated with Konshens on his hit single, "My Time Now."  The song was widely promoted and turned many heads.  "The feedback was very good and the fans kept reminding me why I love music so much," Tajji shares.

Tajji's recent projects include the single, "You Can Call" produced by CJ Chemist and G.I. Productions, "Get By" by Cashflow Records and a collaboration with Kenzic known as "G-Swag" produce by Eastlink Productions.


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