ASKEL (ASK-EL) - To ask God (Elohim in Hebrew), The Most High, based on the Rastafari way of life.  Ask God/Jah for guidance and direction always.

Quickly coming up on the Dancehall scene, ASKEL TUDIWORLD (aka Courtney Gibbs) is a lyrical genius with a unique, authentic style and infectious stage presence.  His vibrant personality and unwavering confidence make him a natural on the mic.  Born November 3rd, 1974 in Kingston, Jamaica, ASKEL now resides in Miami, Florida and is making his name known on throughout the streets.  Protege to the legendary Dancehall artist, Spragga Benz and is managed under Red Square Productions, owned by Spragga.  The two immediately connected when they met and Spragga asked him to perform with him on the spot.  The name ASKEL TUDIWORLD was given to him by Spragga.  To date, ASKEL has worked with top Dancehall Producer/DJ's, Afrikan Vybz and M.U.S.I.C.

ASKEL started singing as a youth when cooking dumplings for his family in the kitchen.  He confesses that music is the one aspect of his life he is sincerely passionate about, something that he is comfortable and happy to do consistently.  In 2007, he began honoring his musical skills and became more dedicate to perfecting his craft.  2013 marks the year he started performing locally with Spragga Benz and other artists.  He has a diverse list of musical influences such as legendary reggae and dancehall artists Bounty Killer and Spragga Benz,  English singer/songwriter, James Blunt and American singer/songwriter, Jason Mraz.  On a personal level, his mother has been a major inspiration and supporter of his career.

With the foundation of his music being Dancehall and Reggae, it also encompasses Soca, Merengue, Reggaeton, Pop, R&B and Hip Hop.  Scheduled to be released this Fall, ASKEL's forthcoming debut album titled, BLACK RAIN, will include hit tracks "Diamonds," "Bad," "Fire Pon Dem" and "Bess A Bess."  The first single from the album will be "Raaayyyy," an upbeat song dedicated to the die hard, dancehall females and is sure to be a club banger.


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