Amlak (born Omar Gordon), one of the most prolific members of the Red Square camp is a charismatic and energetic reggae artist who carried the fire of youth along with a strong political dissent in his music.

His presentation is multidimensional.  As he uplifts, he also hits you to the core by highlighting the overlooked corruption in the greed fueled political system.  His message reminds his followers to live with purpose, guidance and positivity.

At a very young age, the Dunkirk, East Kingston based artist was well known in his community for winning musical competitions, mainly for his strong delivery.  He would practice and perform songs that his uncle,  Spragga Benz, had in rotation on the local radio stations.

In his teenage years, Amlak went to Excelsior High, St. Georges College and Dunoon Park Technical High School.  He entertained everywhere he went because of the ability that he had mimicking his uncle.  After high school, he migrated to America where he went to college and achieved his Associates Degree in Computer Applications.  During this time, he held back on entertainment to focus on other goals until 2008 when his cousin,  Spragga's son, was murdered in Jamaica.

Carlyle loved music like his father and wanted to be involved in the industry when he came of age but sadly, his life was cut short.  Amlak was very close to his cousin Carlyle, and when he died Amlak decided that he wanted to take up music again to honor the memory of his life.

After the death of Carlyle, Amlak began writing again and soon started to record officially with other young producers as well as doing his own productions.

Since his uncle Spragga is the general of the Red Square Rebel Nation, it was only natural that Amlak aligned himself with the movement.  Amlak grew up on the Red Square corner so that was another clear indication where his loyalty would be.

Today, Amlak continues making music with an undying passion.  He is determined to be successful in order to contribute to his family and the Carlyle Foundation, the nonprofit organization that honors his cousin, which is dedicated to supporting young talented artists with financial limitations.


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